Rat Terrier Wisdom


I had the joy of participating in conversation with a feisty, wise Rat Terrier. She is amazing! I am able to share some of her comments:

Humans fear losing the love of family when they pass. What they don’t understand, when human, is that family extends beyond the earthly plane. Even the people who you greatly dislike in this life are family. You have an agreement to play roles, all done with love. Learn from this

Being in Spirit
I love being in Spirit, there is so much more freedom and wisdom that is not affected by the limited perceptions of human experience on earth. When on earth I am limited to a certain level by the perceptions of humans as to what I am able to do. It is not what I can or can not do. It is what I am allowed to do.
This, I mean, if I were to show my wisdom or greater abilities many humans would be shocked or surprised. In the wrong place or with the wrong people my abilities may be taken advantage of.

It is important to trust and “go with the flow”. Listen with your heart and gut. When doubting, step back and clear yourself. Keeping your energy clear and strong is important in life.

Pigs: Our Next Observation


We are patient dear ones. Keep doing your work and listen with your heart. Make it safe for all to speak up about the treatment of animals. As we have said, how we are treated is a reflection of what is going on in your world.

The planet is changing. Light is being shone onto the wrong. It is happening in many areas. Look around dear human. It is not just the ways animals are treated, also your children. It is evident in how people in power, in business, in politics, in everyday life are being exposed for their poor behaviours.

There are many applauding your successes. Again we suggest joining forces and respect others opinions. More can be achieved that way. Extremism of any form is not desirable. Be wise in your choices of action and you garner more support. Things will change for the better faster.

We are saddened and amused by the reasoning put forward to slow change with respect to factory farming. Science can not explain everything.

Be brave. Release ego. Take a breathe and try. Those that do will be rewarded.
Some say “But it will cost money. I wont make money”. To them we say, the world is changing.

Reward for acting compassionately will come in many ways. The money will arrive. With it comes more deeper satisfaction you have earnt that money with compassion. And that will open your heart for greater joy.
The choice is yours.

Pigs; farming, advocates, attitudes


It is with honour we come to talk today. Oh my, what an interesting topic for discussion! We applaud you for the opportunity. Let us see how we go, this may take a few sessions to fully delve into.

We will start with farming, “factory farming”. This has been in existence for many, many years, centuries in your time. It is not a feature specific to these years. What is good is although “factory farms” exist, they are generally so much nicer than the way we have been kept previously. We do agree the separation of animals, like us in stalls is not desirable. Farming of animals will not disappear. We hope that it will become more respectful and compassionate.

A big issue is as the farms have increased in size, there has also been adjustments in human attitudes. We see the ones who feel angered at the treatment and disrespect for the animals that are kept this way. We see the ones who accept we are a source of food that “needs” to be farmed to feed people, and want to do it the best way they can. Then we see the ones who are disconnected from their emotions and higher selves, who regard livestock (and humans) as a possession. If we are to feel pity, the ones in the third group are who we pity most. They are numb to their soul purpose. Their ego has taken control.

The second group we have mentioned; the farmers who care or farmers with heart, we applaud you. We agree to come to this planet to help humans evolve. Part of that means we sacrifice the body for nutrition. Have you considered that while we are being farmed we are also getting to touch the hearts and raise the awareness of the humans who tend us? Do not assume those who work in any type of “factory farming” are unfeeling and cruel. Many are there to help us live the best way possible in that environment. They are sensitive and caring. Too many experience the pressure not to speak up, as that can often means no longer working with the animals they love. Staying quiet allows them to continue to care, to make the situation more bearable. No, they often do not agree that factory farming is a good system. They see the flaws. They sacrifice some of themself to help us have a better experience. We applaud this.

The first group, we cheer you as you are raising attention to our situation and stimulating change. We support your action against the blatantly cruel. Yes, you are helping increase awareness and consideration of the role and respect of animals in this world. We ask you also become considerate in your actions, your messages, please try to avoid offending those who agree with your underlying message by being too extreme. What we wish for from you is to work closer with the farmers with heart. Together you will achieve great things for all- animals, humans, the planet. Together your lights will shine strong for many.

From Cows With Love


Wow it is so good that we are able to speak with you. We are very happy for this opportunity.
While we do not have the spiritual soul as humans do, we have agreed to be part of this planet and assist you humans to love and grow (evolve). We agree to come here as cows with this purpose. We have free choice to be here. We honour what humans are doing with their evolvement as beings and are loving that we can participate. Some choose different purposes for being here, not dissimilar to the choices you have.

Those of us who choose to be mothers accept this is our role. It still doesn’t stop us from loving our babies and care deeply for them. Yes we fret, worry and mourn. We also aim to raise our babies the best possible way. It is all agreed before we come to this planet and to what each individual’s role is; nurture, teach, breed, become food. Whatever our choice we do with love and honour.

It is our choice. Yes we can be where we are not cared for or respected suitably.
We may be animals but we are also a reflection of what is happening in the human world. Sometimes we reflect general attitude and malaise. Sometimes we directly reflect what is going on with our immediate people. Part of our purpose is to help increase your awareness – in yourself and the world around you.

Do not anger when you see someone being cruel. Act wisely. We are not saying do not intervene, doing nothing is condoning the action. What ever you do, do it safely as a person capable of hurting animal is capable of hurting a person. Recognise it not as the animal’s issue, the cruelty stems from perceptions in the person. Use that to reflect on yourself and clear that behavior or response from your traits. This is a reason you have witnessed it.
Aahhhh humans, you often don’t understand the bigger picture of things. We are excited you are learning and becoming more aware. We honour this and love you all deeply.

Healing Warriors


We join you with wisdom and love today. We are pleased to be back.
We see what is going on and your struggles. We wish to offer advice. Remember we advise, and it is up to you to use it which ever way is appropriate at that point in time.
The planet is changing, you know this. Hearts are opening, vibration is raising. We are excited by this as it means more love, light and compassion in your world.

As we said previously, animals are here to help awaken compassion. We recognise the changes.

We are here to help heal the wounded, the warriors fighting the battle for improvement. These ones are so often discarded after their efforts. They are great warriors who have agreed to their roles, agreed to see and feel some horrendous activities which they will never forget.
Our role is to help release the fear and the guilt these are carrying. To help find their true self and ignite the love and light they have hidden to protect themselves and allow them to help other humans.
You may think of them as soldiers. Also think of your police, ambulance people, nurses, doctors, fire people, counsellors, welfare workers, rescuers, those who put themselves in the front line for others safety.
Also do not assume it is the domestic pet that will be doing the healing. There are many wild creatures active to help heal, animals that you see as free. Even seeing them play and unharmed on television is a part of the healing process.

Dream of us. Talk with us. We are here to help you heal.



It is with the collective wisdom of all animals that we join you now.

We see great many changes in the care and love of animals. They are less of a commodity, and are recognised for their spirit, personalities and assistance they bring to humans.
Please be ensured that each has their choice to be a particular animal in a particular situation. Our overall aim is to be of benefit to humans and support the human in raising the vibration of the planet.

Do not fret that we are here also as food. All our attributes are gifts to humans. We ask that we be respected to the utmost in whatever role we play on this planet.
There are all opinions on the value, purpose and regard of animals. To regard animals with love and kindness is not just benefiting us, it is opening the hearts of humans. As humans find love and share love and sustain love, they continue to raise the vibration of the planet. These humans are like a ripple across a pond. Their act of love and compassion spreads, encouraging others to join and open their hearts.

There are some that still do not recognise the honorable and true compassion for animals. They are often struggling with their own issues. Do not back away from protecting animals, as this brings light to the dark.

With light and love we all will benefit so.

Living in the Now


Too many humans get caught living in the past and in the future.They become too busy doing and not BEing. We watch and think “stop, take time for you human. It is okay – breathe”.
You bombard yourselves with noise, information and create stress through this. Then you humans wonder why you get sick. Your body is saying “STOP”.
All we ask is for you to stop, take time for yourself. 5 minutes is ok. Stop and take notice in whatever is around you; the breeze, the sun, the smells, the clouds, the ants, the birds, the shape of your big toe. Just stop and chill out. Disaster will not strike if you take a bit of time.
Look at where you can swap time – do you really need to watch that series on tv? Can that time be swapped to read a book, lie on the floor, just do nothing but “be”?
Love and honour, the Collective Conscious

Letting Go. A message from a cat


Hi all,

This message came through a few days & was the one that made me decide what the purpose of this blog is.

Animals are different to humans. we do not disconnect (in death). Animals get that we can move from the physical to non-physical with ease. It is not scarey or sad. It is a human trait to hang onto being physical. It is the lack of remembering where you are from. Just let go (with a big smile).

When reading this comment again I asked whats does “just let go” mean. The reply:
Part of a human’s struggle is letting go of the physical whether is is another human, an animal, an object, an emotion. Letting go frees the human to be open; open for opportunity, open their hearts, to be free to be who they truly are. It means trust; trust in themselves, trust that all is ok. Together it helps freedom, awareness and recollection of all wisdom.”



This blog is for the sharing of wisdom & or comments that come from animals. They want to share.
I aim to translate for them, not interpret. I want to keep their messages as clear as possible.
Hope you enjoy this adventure