Pigs: Our Next Observation


We are patient dear ones. Keep doing your work and listen with your heart. Make it safe for all to speak up about the treatment of animals. As we have said, how we are treated is a reflection of what is going on in your world.

The planet is changing. Light is being shone onto the wrong. It is happening in many areas. Look around dear human. It is not just the ways animals are treated, also your children. It is evident in how people in power, in business, in politics, in everyday life are being exposed for their poor behaviours.

There are many applauding your successes. Again we suggest joining forces and respect others opinions. More can be achieved that way. Extremism of any form is not desirable. Be wise in your choices of action and you garner more support. Things will change for the better faster.

We are saddened and amused by the reasoning put forward to slow change with respect to factory farming. Science can not explain everything.

Be brave. Release ego. Take a breathe and try. Those that do will be rewarded.
Some say “But it will cost money. I wont make money”. To them we say, the world is changing.

Reward for acting compassionately will come in many ways. The money will arrive. With it comes more deeper satisfaction you have earnt that money with compassion. And that will open your heart for greater joy.
The choice is yours.


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