Rat Terrier Wisdom


I had the joy of participating in conversation with a feisty, wise Rat Terrier. She is amazing! I am able to share some of her comments:

Humans fear losing the love of family when they pass. What they don’t understand, when human, is that family extends beyond the earthly plane. Even the people who you greatly dislike in this life are family. You have an agreement to play roles, all done with love. Learn from this

Being in Spirit
I love being in Spirit, there is so much more freedom and wisdom that is not affected by the limited perceptions of human experience on earth. When on earth I am limited to a certain level by the perceptions of humans as to what I am able to do. It is not what I can or can not do. It is what I am allowed to do.
This, I mean, if I were to show my wisdom or greater abilities many humans would be shocked or surprised. In the wrong place or with the wrong people my abilities may be taken advantage of.

It is important to trust and “go with the flow”. Listen with your heart and gut. When doubting, step back and clear yourself. Keeping your energy clear and strong is important in life.


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