Living in the Now


Too many humans get caught living in the past and in the future.They become too busy doing and not BEing. We watch and think “stop, take time for you human. It is okay – breathe”.
You bombard yourselves with noise, information and create stress through this. Then you humans wonder why you get sick. Your body is saying “STOP”.
All we ask is for you to stop, take time for yourself. 5 minutes is ok. Stop and take notice in whatever is around you; the breeze, the sun, the smells, the clouds, the ants, the birds, the shape of your big toe. Just stop and chill out. Disaster will not strike if you take a bit of time.
Look at where you can swap time – do you really need to watch that series on tv? Can that time be swapped to read a book, lie on the floor, just do nothing but “be”?
Love and honour, the Collective Conscious


Letting Go. A message from a cat


Hi all,

This message came through a few days & was the one that made me decide what the purpose of this blog is.

Animals are different to humans. we do not disconnect (in death). Animals get that we can move from the physical to non-physical with ease. It is not scarey or sad. It is a human trait to hang onto being physical. It is the lack of remembering where you are from. Just let go (with a big smile).

When reading this comment again I asked whats does “just let go” mean. The reply:
Part of a human’s struggle is letting go of the physical whether is is another human, an animal, an object, an emotion. Letting go frees the human to be open; open for opportunity, open their hearts, to be free to be who they truly are. It means trust; trust in themselves, trust that all is ok. Together it helps freedom, awareness and recollection of all wisdom.”



This blog is for the sharing of wisdom & or comments that come from animals. They want to share.
I aim to translate for them, not interpret. I want to keep their messages as clear as possible.
Hope you enjoy this adventure