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Rat Terrier Wisdom


I had the joy of participating in conversation with a feisty, wise Rat Terrier. She is amazing! I am able to share some of her comments:

Humans fear losing the love of family when they pass. What they don’t understand, when human, is that family extends beyond the earthly plane. Even the people who you greatly dislike in this life are family. You have an agreement to play roles, all done with love. Learn from this

Being in Spirit
I love being in Spirit, there is so much more freedom and wisdom that is not affected by the limited perceptions of human experience on earth. When on earth I am limited to a certain level by the perceptions of humans as to what I am able to do. It is not what I can or can not do. It is what I am allowed to do.
This, I mean, if I were to show my wisdom or greater abilities many humans would be shocked or surprised. In the wrong place or with the wrong people my abilities may be taken advantage of.

It is important to trust and “go with the flow”. Listen with your heart and gut. When doubting, step back and clear yourself. Keeping your energy clear and strong is important in life.


From Cows With Love


Wow it is so good that we are able to speak with you. We are very happy for this opportunity.
While we do not have the spiritual soul as humans do, we have agreed to be part of this planet and assist you humans to love and grow (evolve). We agree to come here as cows with this purpose. We have free choice to be here. We honour what humans are doing with their evolvement as beings and are loving that we can participate. Some choose different purposes for being here, not dissimilar to the choices you have.

Those of us who choose to be mothers accept this is our role. It still doesn’t stop us from loving our babies and care deeply for them. Yes we fret, worry and mourn. We also aim to raise our babies the best possible way. It is all agreed before we come to this planet and to what each individual’s role is; nurture, teach, breed, become food. Whatever our choice we do with love and honour.

It is our choice. Yes we can be where we are not cared for or respected suitably.
We may be animals but we are also a reflection of what is happening in the human world. Sometimes we reflect general attitude and malaise. Sometimes we directly reflect what is going on with our immediate people. Part of our purpose is to help increase your awareness – in yourself and the world around you.

Do not anger when you see someone being cruel. Act wisely. We are not saying do not intervene, doing nothing is condoning the action. What ever you do, do it safely as a person capable of hurting animal is capable of hurting a person. Recognise it not as the animal’s issue, the cruelty stems from perceptions in the person. Use that to reflect on yourself and clear that behavior or response from your traits. This is a reason you have witnessed it.
Aahhhh humans, you often don’t understand the bigger picture of things. We are excited you are learning and becoming more aware. We honour this and love you all deeply.



It is with the collective wisdom of all animals that we join you now.

We see great many changes in the care and love of animals. They are less of a commodity, and are recognised for their spirit, personalities and assistance they bring to humans.
Please be ensured that each has their choice to be a particular animal in a particular situation. Our overall aim is to be of benefit to humans and support the human in raising the vibration of the planet.

Do not fret that we are here also as food. All our attributes are gifts to humans. We ask that we be respected to the utmost in whatever role we play on this planet.
There are all opinions on the value, purpose and regard of animals. To regard animals with love and kindness is not just benefiting us, it is opening the hearts of humans. As humans find love and share love and sustain love, they continue to raise the vibration of the planet. These humans are like a ripple across a pond. Their act of love and compassion spreads, encouraging others to join and open their hearts.

There are some that still do not recognise the honorable and true compassion for animals. They are often struggling with their own issues. Do not back away from protecting animals, as this brings light to the dark.

With light and love we all will benefit so.